Tuesday, 6 August 2013

20 Reasons to Lace up and Get Out Running

We all need motivating sometimes to get out and get exercising. We know we will feel much better once we have finished so here are 20 reasons why you should go out and run!

  1. Teaches you discipline, keeping you focused.
  2. That high you get when you have finished a run! The endorphins are kicking in. It's a priceless feeling and gets you pumped.
  3. That PB (personal best) feeling when you have put the wok in and it's paid off..
  4. Feeling like you belong to a club. Being a valued member to a club is a great feeling! You will also get to make many new friends.
  5. Your body is great, you have a toned body after regular runs. You deserve to show it off!
  6. You can afford a little treat..you won't need to worry if you ate a brownie because you know you'll just burn it off.
  7. Free, now technically you need trainers and all the clothes but it's the cheapest sport because you don't need excess equipment. 
  8. Joy of exploring, whether it's out on the trails or through the streets you can see new places you wouldn't of seen before.
  9. Can replace a harmful habit. You can now make running your habit not something dangerous for your health.
  10. Medals aren't just for Olympians. Finishing a race is enough to get you a medal, the pride of hanging up all your medals so everyone can see.
  11. Get more kip, studies have shown running regularly can help reduce your time getting to sleep by a half.
  12. Strong bones, many people think that running weakens your bones. On the contrary! 
  13. You can do it in any weather, yes you may like it in the sun. But in the rain, it's still an adventure.
  14. You don't need to learn rules, you just put one foot in front of each other. It's that simple.
  15. You can compete in fun runs for charity or marathons. Or any distance, to raise money for people in need and get a feeling of pride.
  16. Make friends, either at clubs or seeing them out regulaly. You will make many of friends just by getting active.
  17. Gives an excuse to buy new clothes. "Well I need this to go for my run next week" 
  18. Ultimate stress reliever. If your having trouble at work, lace up and get out!
  19. You get out what you put in. Simple as!
  20. Last one. The most obvious, it will do wonders for your health!

So there you go, 20 reasons to go out and run! Hope this inspires you. If you have anymore send them in the contact form! 

Good Luck and Lace Up!

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