Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MissFitty: The 5 different gym styles for Fall

So this is the first post for Miss Fitty, I thought I would kick it off with showing you 5 different gym styles you can rock this fall. I saw that Sweaty Betty had a sale on so I checked out there website and found these. Just because your at they gym there is no reason why you can't be fashionable.

I have 5 different styles all from Sweaty Betty..

Boho Chick:
This tunic has a slight edgy feel to it, with the adjustable ties at the bottom really gives it a casual chick look! 

Urban Girl:
The decorative sides are so trendy and unique. The colors have an urban style but still have a girly feel. 

Girly Gal:
This vest is so girly and is good for any shape! The pants are good because they are airy and clinch in at the ankle!

Bold/Statement Maker: Favorite Outfit!

This is labeled a yoga-tee but I think it would be good for either early morning runs or the gym and the shorts, WHAT A STATEMENT. 

Classic Kick:

This is at first glance a normal black hoodie but not when you look with detail. It has extra padding and support as well as air holes! The leggings give it a bit of sleek-ness as well as being super funky!



 Vest; £55 Capris; £50


Vest; £60  Capris; £70


Vest; £45 Trousers; £65

Bold/ Statement:

long top; £39 Shorts; £45


Hoodie; £60 Star-leggings; £45

I hope you like the look, go check out Sweaty Betty here, http://www.sweatybetty.com/

Good Luck with your goals!

This was not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

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