Sunday, 4 August 2013

Biggest Food Myths

We have all heard them, even believed them. They impact your food choices because you once heard something of someone, who told someone else and then they told another person. I thought, today we will bust these myths and laugh when we hear other people say them. Want to know them...keep reading.

1. Eggs are bad for your heart?
I have defiantly heard this one before, a shame to say believed it. Well, it makes perfect sense doesn't it, eggs contain a high amount of cholesterol in their yolks and we know that cholesterol is not good, it's the fatty stuff that cloggs our arteries.
That can lead to heart attacks. For me the facts were right there, no denying it. Though experts say labelling eggs as "bad for your heart" is not correct. A very healthy person can have an egg a day with no problems. Also, the cholesterol that we get from eggs we could easily get from other foods without knowing it. It also is proven that it doesn't have a huge impact on raising blood pressure.
 The body simply compensates and makes less cholesterol it's self. Now eggs aren't the healthiest food on the planet, I know so don't go crazy. For most people having 2 or 3 a week is perfectly fine.

2.  Carbohydrates make you fat?
This one I think is the most common. We have all heard of the diets that you take out all of the carbohydrates and just stay on other foods. Is this the right move? Mainly it all comes down to can you stick to these diets that don't let you have carbs. Now eating foods that are refined like white bread, pasta and doughnuts are not good for you but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy other types of carbohydrates. It's essential for a healthy body to eat fruits, whole-grains and beans. So cutting carbs out of your diet could be a mistake. It's also proven that it's more easy to stick to the diets that have "good carbs" in the long run. If you can stick to the diet of the Atkins, then stick with that! But carbs are vital for energy so don't cut yourself short.
These are good carbs, anything whole-grain is fantastic!
These are the bad carbs, they are full of sugar and don't give your body benefits.
3. Calories eaten at night are more fattening?

Calories are calories. No matter when they are eaten. All calories are is a measure of the amount of energy your being given so the energy won't change the time of day you eat them. However, to loose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in so if your eating loads of calories before bed then your not going to burn them off sleeping. However, your body needs an amount of energy to function so starving yourself from 7 on wards is not a good idea. The best plan would be to regularly take in food and keep drinking and not starving yourself because the energy your being given won't change the time of day.

If you want to find more about myths visit, I chose the biggest myths that I thought most people would of heard of. Hope this busted some of your myths!

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