Saturday, 3 August 2013

5 irresistible summer foods

This is a list of 5 super yummy foods that are perfect for the summer time, in this hot weather. Also, how to include them into your diet to get the benefits.

1. Blueberry's; these are good for you because with one serving of these you have got almost a quarter of your vitamin C recommendation for the day! Not to mention, they are packed with anti-oxidants that your skin and your body will love you for! An easy way to include them in your diet is to have them for a mid morning snack. Have these with some water to keep hydrated. These will then keep you going until lunchtime.

2. Bell Peppers; these are irresistible with a salad or added to any evening meal your cooking. Also, they contain a low amount of fat and a very important blood-sugar balancing property. Their vivid and bright colours are so summery and instantly lighten up any meal. Containing anti-inflammatory goodness your body will defiantly thank you! Caution; cooking bell peppers at a high temperature can destroy a important phytonutrient. Grilling has shown to destroy 40% of this anti-oxidant. so it's recommended that you cook low heat, short period of time. This is unless you need to keep the food in the oven for reasons such as; raw chicken cooking. You can always eat bell peppers raw!

3. Almonds; we all know that nuts are high in fat content, this can put a lot of people of these however, it's not saturated fat, it's mono saturated! The saturated fat comes from animals and mono saturated is good fat (in moderation). These are great as a snack by themselves or added to something. A favourite of mine is sliced almonds (often found with baking ingredient)  these are good to add to porridge or to add to any desert. Even though they are high fat, they still are good for your heart? Surely that can't be true? Well in studies it has been proved to be the case. 

4. Kiwifruits; these are a classic food to add to a fruit salad to make it exotic and summery. Containing more vitamin C than an orange, these are more of an unknown fruit. A particular favourite of mine would be the golden kiwi. Most haven't heard of this, it is a hard to get fruit but is so delicious. Much more sweet than a regular kiwi and only 60 calories!To include this into your diet try having strawberries in a bowl of cereal such as muesli, granola or porridge.

5. Strawberries; these are a favourite of many. So sweet and a easy food to snack on. Including these in your diet is so easy all you need to do is take them to work/school or out and about in a bag. Keep snacking on them and you only need to have seven to count as a portion of your FIVE A DAY. A indulgent that you don't need to feel guilty about. What more could you want?

If you want to find out more healthy foods that you can include into your diet visit, just scroll down and view all of the foods in an easy to view list sub-titled format.

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