Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Favourite Fall Snacks

So I don't know about you but when it's dark outside and cold. I feel like eating loads, I get weird cravings for food in large amounts. I have found some snacks that keep you full and easy to make when you're craving food!


1. Crackers! With Hummus!

These could be oat cakes, ryvita, cream crackers, rice cakes or another ones! I live to dip these in hummus. It's a great dip for crackers it contains great omega 3 fatty acids. Helping with intelegence and a healthy heart!  It has loads of vitamins and contains ingredience that can help you to feel happy!

2. Fruit

Sounds like a obvious one but fruit has so many benefits. It has natural sugars that keep you alert. They contain vitamins that keep all your body healthy. Their convenient to snack on, no preparation needed! 

3. 0% fat yogurt

Yogurt is a favourite. It has all the pro-biotic goodness! It is creamy and if you get 0% or low fat yogurt it's often under 100 calories for a pot! Tasting like a dessert but healthy? What?... A favourite of mine is 'vitaltiy' read about it here-

4. Granola

So granola, where do I start it is so convenient to poor a cereal in a Tupperware box and take out. Fantastic with yogurt and protien with nuts! Crunchy and addictive it is a sweet but 'give me more' taste.

5. Pretzels

Now wether these are the mini ones or the large ones. Everyone loves a pretzel. It's important because these are more of a treat to not have them to often! They contain a lot of salt but are so yummy! I like the mini ones in mini bags! These are convenient and easy to take away. Also you have clear nutritional values!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sweat-Proof Make Up

I know nobody goes into the gym with a full face of glam make up. But sometimes, we don't want to be naked bare of make up. I have found the best light and easy make up that it SWEAT PROOF. 


High End; 

Lancome Paris water proof concealer.
Gives a matte finish and wont go into lines.

Drug Store;

Maybeline Cover Stick Concealer
Waterproof, Natural Coverage, Blends well Only $4

Maybelline Cover Stick Waterproof Concealer, Ivory


I don't wear foundation to the gym but I like these..

High End:
It says tint, but the coverage is so good. I have to say I think it's more like a foundation.

Very Popular, Water Proof and even coverage.


High End:

This is macs zoom water lash, it is $20 but, the formula is excellent!


I had to go with this one, It's my all time favorite mascara! Makes lashes look bold and doesnt clump, REMEMBER TO GET THE WATERPROOF VERSION!


High End:

The clinique chubby sticks are like a crayon. They have very pigmented colors and are so creamy.


The Revlon lip butters, are like a lip balm and a stick in one. They are very long lasting and have such cute packaging. They come in a whole variety of colors.

To see the different gym styles you can rock this fall..

Thank you and Good Luck!


So I know a lot of you liked my 8 day an challenge so I thought I would give you another challenge!

This one is a bit different, it's 10 days and its for your legs. Squats are beneficial because they first of all give you toned legs. They also increase your leg strength so if your running you can have more power and in result faster times. I think I forgot to mention that they give you a fantastic bum. What are you waiting for?

So this is a 10 day challenge, print of the two pictures and follow the routine and your legs can get stronger in 10 days! 

This is day 6-10

Now let me know if you gave that a try, you can do this! Only 10 days!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to: Get Abs/six pack

So this is a question I get asked a lot and that I know people wonder about. How do you get abs?


Your abs are the centre piece of you. They keep you up right and keep you steady. If you didn't have abs you wouldn't be able to sit up straight.

It's important to know everyone has abs. Everyone has the muscles, just some are stronger and in result show more.

I think everyone wants those athlete six packs but in theory, their is no reason why you can't!

To build abs you need to loose fat, this is what covers the muscles so you can't see them and then it looks like don't have abs!

Steps to the perfect abs!

Eating clean, this means your changing your diet so that you can build muscle! Even if you want to build abs for appearance reasons it will still help with your posture! If you want to know some super foods for weight loss..

Core work, this involves all the sit ups, crunches, obliques and planks! They are painful, but necessary if you want the killer abs!

If your new to core work then try my 8 day ab challenge, this is based for beginners and eases you in slowly making sure that you can adjust! You can find it here..

A quick challenge that is more advance can be found here..

Burning fat; running burns fat, the most of any exercise! So this is important to make sure you just have muscle! If you don't have the time for a run try this workout at home.. 

Now YOU CAN GET ABS! That's so important to stress, if your willing to work hard, you will have the body you want! Just remember to work hard and eat clean and you will can achieve!

Good luck on your journey