Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lacking Motivation

We all have those times when we feel like we simply can't be bothered. Whether it is to eat healthily or to workout, sometimes we just have no motivation.

Here are 5 tips to help you;

1. Change up your routine, if you usually do swimming on a Friday change it to a sunday and try a class on a Friday. If you usually run 3 miles, try 6x800m intervals with appropriate recovery imbetween. Or change up your breckfast to something more fun.

2. Get a friend involved, you will instantly feel more motivated if there is a two of you working out together. Or try and get your family to eat healthily aswell.

3. Invest in some new workout clothes. You can then feel motivated to show of your new clothes and that will get you into that gym or on the road running.

4. It sounds simple but, don't buy un-healthy food. We have all been there when we say that we will buy the half price chocolate and have it as a treat. Then we have a few too many treats and then left feeling  guilty, just buy nutritious food and start to love that instead.

5.  Create a playlist that you workout to, buy some new music and have that playlist specially for workouts. Then you can look forward to listing to your tunes and you know that you can only do that when your working out.

Okay, there is some tips that I hope helped you remember before your about to eat food think, is this good food? Do you want to be putting processed food into your body? Think of any food as fuel for your day or working out.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Controlling bad eating habits

So we all have those days when we are in the house and the cupboard snacks look so tempting. We have one snack, one more and another one. So today I am going to show you how to try and controll those habits.

1. Drink water, this sounds like an obvoius one but water has so many health benifits like its great for your skin! It makes you forget about the food you want to eat and its virtually free out of the tap!

2. Eat mints, these are great they only have about 1-5 calories and leave your breath smelling lush! Gum is great aswell if you don't like solid mints!

3. Keep busy, be out and about with a piece of fruit as a snack in your bag. You will not be tempted if your busy and you wont think about food.

4. Similar to number 3, take healthy snacks in tupperware containers. Take some greek yogurt and granola for a snack. Or even grapes and salad.

5. Set out snacks that you alow yourself throughout the day. Give yourself a ration, if you eat all of them in one go then you have none for the rest of the day.

So there you go, try these tips and see if you don't snack as much or if you eat a bit more healthily. Give them a go!

You are what you eat, what would YOU want to be?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Do's and Don'ts of exercise


  • Listen to your body, if your feeling good then step it up. On the other hamd, if your in pain take a day of.
  • Work your core, a solid core will do so many benifits. Make sure to include some twists and crunches into your routine.
  • Recover, don't pile runs ontop of each other you'll just end up feelimg un-motivated and fatigued. Your mucels need to recover aswell.
  • Write everything down, start a little training diary where you can note down any new workouts and keep your self motivated by looking back.


  • Set unrealistic goals, these will probably leave you feeling down and can fill you with doubt. Instead make small manageable goals to keep you motivated.
  • Forget to hydrate yourself, dehydrated muscles will likely to tighten up. Don't forget to hydrate before and after exercise. 
  • Do too much, this is common in new runners. They will go out to fast or they will try and do un achievable distances to early.

What are the benefits of being fit? (This is a poll found online)

52% feeling fit
45% better health
38% weight loss
30% satisfaction of achieving goals
22% doing something for themselves
22% weight maintenance 
21% stress relief
15% adrenaline rush
14% muscle mass
12% sense of community
9% muscle tone

What do you think? Leave it in the comments below..

always remember this..

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Worked out hard?

Whenever I have worked out hard I always think, when will I benefit from this workout. Even though their is not an exact time span of when you will feel the benefits. Scientist have discovered certain timings that you can use to your advantage.

Pete Pfitzinger is an exercise physiologist and two-time Olympic marathoner says the process is cumulative. 

For running it is generally;

Training done within the past 5 days; Stress that leads to fatigue

Training done within 5 to eight days ago; Starting to lead to a positive adaption

Training done 8 days to 3 weeks ago; Stress has created a positive adaption.

Training done 3 weeks ago; Training is starting to loose its effect.

Fitness you have have today is a mix of all of these categories.
To exactly pin point a specific workout is hard but generally it takes about 8 to 10 days before you see the benefits.

To read the full article visit the link at the bottom of the page!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, feel free to leave any comments suggesting improvements or ideas for future blogs. Good luck with all your training and don't forget to follow.

Monday, 10 June 2013

5 Super Foods For Weight Loss

Hi Everyone, today I don't have a workout but I have a list of 5 super foods that are great for weight loss. These are important in a healthy diet.

First of all,

  1. Apples- These are great quick low calorie snacks for on the go. Also their antioxidants in apples may help prevent metabolic syndrome. For a treat, sprinkle 1/2 a teaspoon of all spice and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon. Then put in the microwave for 1 1/2 minuets.
  2. Eggs- Even the yolks, they can help you trim inches. Enjoy as omelette's and scrambled eggs.
  3. Pomegranates- Mostly known for their healthy juice but the seeds are also really good for you. Not only are they loaded with disease fighting antioxidants their also low in calories and high in fibre so they can satisfy your sweet tooth.
  4. Yogurt- The best types of yogurt are Greek fat free yogurts. I always like to have a flavour so natural yogurt is hard for me. The yummiest I have found are "Muller Greek light style yogurts" in vanilla and coconut. So indulgent and fat free!
  5. Avocado- Don't be put of by the high fat content of these because they are a very good weight loss food that you can add to your sandwich instead of mayo.

Thank you all for coming to my blog, hope you all liked this post. Comment any other foods you know of!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Circuit Routine; Only one workout away from a good mood.

Hi everyone, so today I have a circuit routine for you. Circuit training is super good for you and has so many benefits. Such as;  it doesn't require expensive gym equipment, can be used by elite athletes and by beginners and can really help tone your body.

Start by warming up, this is very important to prepare your mussels and your body for exercise.

15 push ups- To adapt these you can rest your knees on the floor, slowly try and work on bringing your knees further away from you.

5 burpees- Start as if you were about to do a press up then bring your knees together to your chest in a quick motion. Then jump up with your arms above your head and try and get height. That counts as one burpee.

15 triceps dips- on any low bend place your arms behingd your and lower your self to almost touchting the floor and come back up. That's one dip.

15 Back raises- Lying on your back slowly lift the up with your hand resting behind your ears for support.

20 Sit Up- To make this harder put your hands besides your head. If this is to hard put your hands across your body, holding your shoulders.

30 Squats- To adapt this jump up when you have finished your squat, straight into your next squat.

25 Alternate Leg Lunges- To make this harder jump into the next lunge to feel the burn!

(Repeat this once more.) 1 minuet rest

 Now cool down, finish with some stretches especially on your arms. Such as this one;

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Thank you all so much for checking out my blog, good luck with all your goals. 

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Super Quick Ab Challenge

Hi Everyone, so today is the quick ab toner workout. So this is one you can do if you don't have much time. Ready to feel the burn and see results...

Start with;

20 ab crunches
5 lying leg raises
30 second plank
10 crunches
(Rest for 30 seconds)
10 mountain climbers
10 lying leg raises
20 bicycles
30 second plank
(Rest for 20 seconds)
10 oblique crunches (left)
40 second plank
10 oblique crunches (right)

To make this workout easier you can extend recovery to an extra 50%.

To make this workout harder you can reduce recovery by 50% and do 10% more reps on each exercise.

How to do the exercises:

Crunch: Lying on the ground on your back with your knees bent. Lift your chest slowly a tiny bit towards your knees and hold for 3 seconds. To make this harder hold for longer.

Lying leg raises: Lie on your back with your hand resting at your side. Keep your feet together and slowly lift your feet up. Hold for 3 seconds and slowly bring them back down. The aim is to keep your legs controlled.

Plank: Lie on your front and lift up with your feet and use your arms to balance your parallel. You want a straight line to run from your body.

Mountain Climbers: Standing on all fours, bring your knees towards your chest alternating each leg.

Bicycles: Lie on your back lift up your chest, the same amount you would for a crunch and then extend each leg out and in. The motion as if you were riding a bike.

Oblique crunch: These you do your Standard crunch but tilt towards one side. If it was a "left oblique crunch" you would go to the left side after you come up.