Sunday, 18 August 2013

Getting through a tough workout!

Hello everyone, we ALL have those days when we literally feel like we physically can't work out! Sometimes, we can't! If we aren't well or injury strikes then that's okay! But if you know you should go to the gym but you can't be bothered then I have some help for you! 

Tips to get through a tough workout!

  • Distract yourself, if your pushing on the treadmill and you want to stop. Try counting back from 100 or doing the alphabet backwards (this is really hard) and before you know it a lot of time would of past! 
  • Examine your form; you maybe lifting weights. Check if your holding the weight right. Look at others forms and see how their doing! Or running, see I your running in the best way possible.
  • Use an incentive; give yourself a reason to carry on. 'If I get through this, I will reward myself with ......'  (Fill in with something you love)
  • Remind yourself of your goals, this can be the best! Tell yourself why you are doing this. Do you want to get better at a sport, to look more toned or to loose weight!
  • Set mini goals, 'I will do two more reps' or 'I will run until I get to the letterbox' then just keep on pushing on!
  • Mix it up, don't go through the same routine everyday! Change it up a little bit, this can keep you motivated.
  • Bring a friend, you can help them get into exercise and you can motivate each other! Or you can bring along your dog! Exercise for you both!

So they are all the tips I have for you guys! Thank you for visiting blog!

Once again, Good Luck

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