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Top 10; IPhone Free Health Apps (August 2013)

Did you know that 73% of people own an IPhone. That's quite a big amount of people. Also, Apple released figures that more IPhones are sold everyday than babies born! IPhones are so popular and is it because of their interface and all their technical features. Is it due to their vast number of apps available on their leading app store?
Apps can be paid or free. So today I thought I would review some of the best fitness/health apps out there. These are the best IPhone apps free. A paid version will be coming soon!


10. Davina Fitness; So when I saw this I was optimistic. I wasn't sure of the point of the app but I did get into it. I like the way you can do a workout through your phone and that is what attracted me to the app. being able to workout along to a video for free. You can also keep track of runs however it's very basic and I would recommend using a specific app that offers more features. I do think it is a good idea to check out the app and see if it's for you.

9. My diet coach; Weight Loss for women; This app rightly deserves to be in the top 10 because of its features available. It has a very new food craving idea that lets you count down and gives you an estimate time of the craving. I liked this because this hasn't been done before and credit is needed for them. Your also able to look at photo's in your reminder sections. This is an app that once your using daily, good habits are hard not to do. Highly recommend to try. The premium feature allows you to see a graph of progress but doesn't offer much other features with the purchase.

8. Noom Weight Loss; Quite a handy little app this one. It gives you ideas of how to have the perfect meal. This I find is quite useful because often I am stuck for what to eat for breakfast or to have for lunch. It gives you it in too easy categories. "Super healthy" being green. "OK food" being yellow. "Indulgence" being red. Also with the average calorie value next to the side. Very appealing to the eye. A good interface and easy to use. Other features include, workout log and weigh in.

7. Complete Gym Guide Lite; This app is a good guide for a free app however, with the free version you do miss a lot of the features that would be available on the paid app. It is a very informative app and gives you useful information about how to target certain types of muscles but does lack the easy to use graphic that attracts us to apps. It had diagrams linked to exercises but it wasn't eye catching. Not coloured diagrams always put me off a little.

6. Smart Alarm Clock; With these apps, I have noticed them coming up a lot around the place. I was optimistic about the reliably of them. Though I do think, these are something everyone should try. I don't know much about this but after some research I discovered you have sleep cycles. These are in times from going to sleep and waking up. These apps monitor your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the right time of the end of the cycle according for when you went to sleep. To me it's all confusing but I recommend giving the app a go!

5. Moves; Now this is a type of app I haven't seen many of. It's essentially a standard pedometer however, it can track the time of walking, running and cycling. It tells you how much you actually move in steps! Even on a daily commute! All you do is carry your phone in your bag and at the end of the day, retrieve the data! This is an up and coming app however, it can be training for the battery.

4. Endomodo; This is a app for the runners. Another app to track progress out on runs. The premium version is available if you pay. The features are basic on the lite version. However, it does give you good feed back. Just not overly advanced.

3. Fitness Buddy FREE; This app is different to most, it has already loaded workouts. This is more for weightlifters I would say. It has a journal and you can track the specific muscle you want to work and it will give you the moves you can do. The graphics are high quality and the usability was great!

2. Nike+ Running; This uses GPS on your smart phone to give you accurate data about your run. Whether it's the distance, pace or calories you can see statistics and graphs.. This helps you understand where you peak and areas you may feel like you need to work on. 
1. My fitness Pal; Calorie counter and diet tracker. This rightly deserves top spot. It can accurately track your calories. Different to most calorie counters because it allows you to search through all the foods on a data base and not have to manually enter them in. This is a massive bonus, as for stock. I haven't come across a brand that it doesn't have loaded. Some people find it a pain to constantly track. If not, this is perfect for you!

Thank you for reading my article, if any of you want a blackberry/android top 10 I am able to do that. Let me know by sending a contact form or a comment. Thank you for reading, Good Luck with your Goals!

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