Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Favourite Fall Snacks

So I don't know about you but when it's dark outside and cold. I feel like eating loads, I get weird cravings for food in large amounts. I have found some snacks that keep you full and easy to make when you're craving food!


1. Crackers! With Hummus!

These could be oat cakes, ryvita, cream crackers, rice cakes or another ones! I live to dip these in hummus. It's a great dip for crackers it contains great omega 3 fatty acids. Helping with intelegence and a healthy heart!  It has loads of vitamins and contains ingredience that can help you to feel happy!

2. Fruit

Sounds like a obvious one but fruit has so many benefits. It has natural sugars that keep you alert. They contain vitamins that keep all your body healthy. Their convenient to snack on, no preparation needed! 

3. 0% fat yogurt

Yogurt is a favourite. It has all the pro-biotic goodness! It is creamy and if you get 0% or low fat yogurt it's often under 100 calories for a pot! Tasting like a dessert but healthy? What?... A favourite of mine is 'vitaltiy' read about it here-

4. Granola

So granola, where do I start it is so convenient to poor a cereal in a Tupperware box and take out. Fantastic with yogurt and protien with nuts! Crunchy and addictive it is a sweet but 'give me more' taste.

5. Pretzels

Now wether these are the mini ones or the large ones. Everyone loves a pretzel. It's important because these are more of a treat to not have them to often! They contain a lot of salt but are so yummy! I like the mini ones in mini bags! These are convenient and easy to take away. Also you have clear nutritional values!

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