Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lacking Motivation

We all have those times when we feel like we simply can't be bothered. Whether it is to eat healthily or to workout, sometimes we just have no motivation.

Here are 5 tips to help you;

1. Change up your routine, if you usually do swimming on a Friday change it to a sunday and try a class on a Friday. If you usually run 3 miles, try 6x800m intervals with appropriate recovery imbetween. Or change up your breckfast to something more fun.

2. Get a friend involved, you will instantly feel more motivated if there is a two of you working out together. Or try and get your family to eat healthily aswell.

3. Invest in some new workout clothes. You can then feel motivated to show of your new clothes and that will get you into that gym or on the road running.

4. It sounds simple but, don't buy un-healthy food. We have all been there when we say that we will buy the half price chocolate and have it as a treat. Then we have a few too many treats and then left feeling  guilty, just buy nutritious food and start to love that instead.

5.  Create a playlist that you workout to, buy some new music and have that playlist specially for workouts. Then you can look forward to listing to your tunes and you know that you can only do that when your working out.

Okay, there is some tips that I hope helped you remember before your about to eat food think, is this good food? Do you want to be putting processed food into your body? Think of any food as fuel for your day or working out.

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