Thursday, 8 August 2013

10 Tasty Tips

10 tasty tips for anyone wanting to be healthy..

  1. Almonds, we know almonds are good but a 30g serving gives you 160 calories. They contain heart healthy fats. Lowering your risk of heart disease.
  2. Dip in something else, change your fatty sour cream into something more like hummus or black bean dips. Raw vegetables like carrots and celery are great dipers!
  3. DIY, skip yogurts with fruit already in. Jam is mostly the filler, containing as much sugar as a fizzy drink so buy your own and put fresh berries in.
  4. Suck a mint or chew gum. This can satisfy your cravings and will leave your breath fresh!
  5. Change up your garnish. Use healthy garnish to make bland food scrumptious. Worcestershire sauce is a great one!
  6. Spice it up, adding a little spice will make you eat slower and this will increase you metabolism.
  7. Drink the milk, in cereal your milk may absorb vitamins leaving you with no vitamins if you don't drink the milk!
  8. Honey Honey Honey, Pure honey contains a huge amount of vitamins so put that on instead of Nutella or chocolate spread for a perfect start to the day.
  9. Enjoy a bit of dark chocolate! This was a surprise to find that dark chocolate can be good for you with all the anti-oxidants! 
  10. Brain Juice! A gulp of orange juice in the morning can kick start your day in the right way


So there you are, 10 tips to help you make the right food choices! If you would like even more then send me a note in the contact form! 

 Good Luck!

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