Friday, 30 August 2013

Is 'thinspiration' wrong?

A different post but I hope you still like it...

If you don't know what thinspiration is, well it's a tumblr account that has a display of skinny girls. Not healthy, skinny. This is meant to be inspiration to you, to be 'skinny'.
So this is a quite discussed topic, should tumblr sites be banned that promote un healthy images? This I think, in simple terms. Yes.

When anyone sees images of somebody of a site that is well known. They immediatly think, that's the 'right' way to be. It's not. But who can really blame them? Having an eating disorder is not healthy. I am not qualified as a doctor or anything like that! But I know that having an eating disorder and being stick thin, isn't the healthiest.

Nobody should inspire to be skinny. People should inspire to be healthy! I think a toned body is better than one where somebody is showing their ribs. It's encouraging the idea of, the skinner the better. It's like a competition, the wider you can get your thigh gap, the more you can get your ribs to show.

I believe this is not what we should inspire to be like.

We should just want to be us. But if you do want inspiration. It should be from someone like..

Thank you for reading, if this post just helps one person inspire to be better than the first picture. Then it's a success! 

I wish you all the best of luck, you can do this! 

I am not trying to offend anyone with this. If you feel you like 'thinspiration' and it works for you, then that's completely fine! 

Talk to you all soon!

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