Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What's really inside Soda?

So we all know that Soda is not the best drink for us. We know it has A LOT of that "bad" stuff in. But what really is the bad stuff and how does it effect us?

It is said that soda accounts for a quarter of the drinks consumed in america. Soda has been linked to diseases such as; tooth decay, heart disease and osteoporosis. It's easy to not know how bad soda is when the indigence on the back are confusing and don't tell us really what they are doing...

So I thought I would analyse what exactly goes into a soda can and what it can do to us...

Phosphoric Acid;  Can interfere with body being able to consume calcuim. This is how osteoprosis (lack of calcuim) can occour. It neutralises stomach acid interfering with digestion aswell.

Sugar; Unless you get the sugar free version, your not free of this. Some cans have 100% of your sugar intake in one can. That's 6-9 tea spoons in one can of sugar.

Apartame; This is included in the sugar free drinks excessively and mildly in sugar full drinks. This is a dangerous chemical. It has 92 side effects. Studdies have shown it can cause diabeties and  emotional disorders. Even worse if you store warm becacuse it changes to methanol.

Caffeine; This gives you the jitters and can raise your blood pressure.

Summary- Soda is likely to leave your appetite for all the good foods quite low.

Alternative drinks to soda;

GOOD OLD WATER: Health benefits are endless.

Fresh Fruit Juice: This is high in sugars often but they are natural sugars. It is refreshing and you only need to drink 200ml of it to get a portion of fruit.

Tea; Green tea is the best but it's got some many anti-oxidants and is so delicious.

Thank you for reading my blog post, if you want more "What's really inside..." then let me know in the comments and for suggestions..

Good Luck!

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