Friday, 14 June 2013

Do's and Don'ts of exercise


  • Listen to your body, if your feeling good then step it up. On the other hamd, if your in pain take a day of.
  • Work your core, a solid core will do so many benifits. Make sure to include some twists and crunches into your routine.
  • Recover, don't pile runs ontop of each other you'll just end up feelimg un-motivated and fatigued. Your mucels need to recover aswell.
  • Write everything down, start a little training diary where you can note down any new workouts and keep your self motivated by looking back.


  • Set unrealistic goals, these will probably leave you feeling down and can fill you with doubt. Instead make small manageable goals to keep you motivated.
  • Forget to hydrate yourself, dehydrated muscles will likely to tighten up. Don't forget to hydrate before and after exercise. 
  • Do too much, this is common in new runners. They will go out to fast or they will try and do un achievable distances to early.

What are the benefits of being fit? (This is a poll found online)

52% feeling fit
45% better health
38% weight loss
30% satisfaction of achieving goals
22% doing something for themselves
22% weight maintenance 
21% stress relief
15% adrenaline rush
14% muscle mass
12% sense of community
9% muscle tone

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