Sunday, 9 June 2013

Circuit Routine; Only one workout away from a good mood.

Hi everyone, so today I have a circuit routine for you. Circuit training is super good for you and has so many benefits. Such as;  it doesn't require expensive gym equipment, can be used by elite athletes and by beginners and can really help tone your body.

Start by warming up, this is very important to prepare your mussels and your body for exercise.

15 push ups- To adapt these you can rest your knees on the floor, slowly try and work on bringing your knees further away from you.

5 burpees- Start as if you were about to do a press up then bring your knees together to your chest in a quick motion. Then jump up with your arms above your head and try and get height. That counts as one burpee.

15 triceps dips- on any low bend place your arms behingd your and lower your self to almost touchting the floor and come back up. That's one dip.

15 Back raises- Lying on your back slowly lift the up with your hand resting behind your ears for support.

20 Sit Up- To make this harder put your hands besides your head. If this is to hard put your hands across your body, holding your shoulders.

30 Squats- To adapt this jump up when you have finished your squat, straight into your next squat.

25 Alternate Leg Lunges- To make this harder jump into the next lunge to feel the burn!

(Repeat this once more.) 1 minuet rest

 Now cool down, finish with some stretches especially on your arms. Such as this one;

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Thank you all so much for checking out my blog, good luck with all your goals. 

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