Monday, 9 September 2013

What to do at the gym

So this is a question that I get asked a lot, what to do at the gym?

Do I do running?

 Do I do weights?

I thought I would start by telling you what I do at the gym..

Warm up.. 

This involves cardio, I like to either jog for 5 minuets or go on the elliptical.
The time changes depending on how I feel.


I always like to change it up, I don't like to do the same thing all the time but often I run for about 10 minuets alternating pace.


I go and do weights, now if your a woman and scared of doing weights because your worried you will 'bulk up' don't won't. Doing weights can help strengthen bones and muscles and can help you looking toned and fantastic!

Shortly after...

I do core, everyone wants abs! I do sit ups for about burst of a minuet with half a minuet rest imbertween. These are great, but they take are a slow burner. To get a sudden burn I recommend crunches!

To finish..

I do a little more cardio. A bit on the bike or elliptical to get my heart going. When I finish this I do some stretches and then I am done!

So if you want to loose weight...

Do cardio. This is a brilliant fat burner! Running I think is the best but elliptical isn't slacking! These are great as an interval training tool for a killer workout. Alternating pace is great because it keeps you entertained and makes your body work so hard! You could always do a steady run for a good workout as well.

If you want to tone up..

Still do cardio but do more emphasis on the weight machines or free weights. These can help you get the muscles you want. Focus on an area that you want toner and then think of an exercise that particularly burns that area..Then, your good to go!

If you want to build endurance..

It depends on the type of endurance, muscle endurance is different to cardiovascular. To build endurance you need to do that activity for a long time so bare that in mind! To mix things up try different types of equiptment! This can help with boredom.

I hope that helps you with what to do at the gym, if your not a gym person..their is so much stuff you can do at home.

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